Create Clusters

To create a new Kubernetes cluster from scratch using Nirmata follow the steps below. With this option, Kubernetes cluster will be deployed on an existing host group.

Configure firewall/security groups

Please ensure that the following ports are open in the host group:

TCP: 6443, 8080 (from master only), 2379 (for etcd), 12050 (all hosts) UDP: 4789 (VXLAN) ICMP on all ports

Create a Kubernetes Cluster

  1. Go to the Clusters panel and click on the Add Cluster button.
  2. Click on: Nirmata managed cluster
  3. Provide the cluster name and select the cloud provider. Add host groups that you would like to install the cluster on. Also select the cluster type. Other fields are optional. Click on Create cluster and start the installation button to proceed with the cluster install.
  4. Within a few minutes, the cluster will be deployed, the Nirmata controller should connect and the cluster state will show as Connected.

Once the cluster is deployed and in Ready state, you can create Environments for this cluster to deploy your applications.

Create Highly Available Kubernetes Cluster

To configure a High Availability Cluster, select +Add Cluster and then select Install a new Kubernetes cluster. Enter the Host Groups and Policy and then select one or more Master Hosts. When more than one Master Host is selected, an Endpoint must be specified for the cluster.

Typically, the endpoint is the IP address or the domain name for your load balancer (e.g. nginx). The load balancer should be configured to forward requests to the Kubernetes apiservers on the master nodes on port 6443.

NOTE: The load balancer should be configured prior to deploying the cluster since the kubelets will be using the load balancer endpoint to connect to the apiserver.